25 Kitchen Storage Ideas

25 Kitchen Storage Ideas

25 Kitchen Storage Ideas: Solutions To Maximise Your Space


When it comes to storage in the kitchen, the possibilities can be limitless. There’s almost always a better way you could be storing something – all it takes is a little creativity and a few organisational hacks. We’re here to lend you a hand with some clever kitchen storage ideas ranging from free-standing storage, pull-out bins, standing wire shelf dividers and even an urban garden.

Here are 25 of our favourite kitchen storage solutions.

Slide-out wooden crates – Bring a little bit of the farmhouse into your kitchen. These are perfect for storing fruits and vegetables that need to be at room temperature. You could also use wooden crates as additional space for storing larger tableware, cookware and more unusually shaped items. You can fit them in deep, low-level cabinets so you can easily slide them in and out.

Stack pans and lids – Rummaging through a cabinet for that pot inconveniently stored at the back can be frustrating. Remove the need for out-of-sight, out-of-reach items by stacking pans and their lids or laying them side by side. You can do this either in a drawer or within a shelving unit and can even purchase lid and pot storage racks to keep items neat and tidy.

Make food storage clear – Clear plastic or glass storage containers make seeing what food you have much, much easier. To our point above, these are also ideal for stacking side by side in a pantry or cabinet unit within easy reach for regular cooking. That way you have a better idea of what needs to be replenished.

Pull out bins – Whether plastic, wooden or made of another material, storage bins are fantastic for packing away linens – clothes, napkins and placemats – as well as any other sundry cluttering up your space. Deep cabinet shelves are the ideal space for these where these can be pulled out and replaced easily. Pick colours that will coordinate well with your kitchen’s overall style theme.

Slide-out prep station – A slide-out station is great for creating more food prep space, particularly in apartments and homes where space is at a premium. You can bring it out during food prep and cooking and then neatly store it away to create more space. You can create a slide-out prep station easily by fitting a butcher block board into a deep, high worktop-level drawer. Use the remaining space underneath for even more storage.

Divide up shelves – Why have one shelf when you could have two? Use wire shelf risers to split the vertical space of a cabinet shelf into two. You can then stack heavier items underneath the riser and lighter items on top.

Hanging dry rack – Instead of the classic stacking dry racks that take over your sink area and leave water everywhere, why not set up a hanging drying rack? The air will be able to get to wet crockery much faster leading to quicker drying.

Organise the pantry – Having a pantry teaming with perishables that are hard to find can slow you down in the kitchen as you sift through boxes, cans and containers just to get something nudged to the very back of the space. Transform your pantry into a super-efficient ‘grocery store’ style space by neatly stacking boxes and containers, with those you’ve already opened and are using at the front. Use clear stacking containers and labels to store dry, bulk foods like rice and pulses.

Teabox or tray – Tea connaisseur? Then this one’s a must. Swap in your many disposable tea boxes for a gorgeous wooden tray or box that will display all your flavours. You can find some stunning traditional boxes or even repurpose a container you already have by redecorating it. This is one you can also display proudly on a countertop or kitchen shelf or table.

Store spices in a drawer – Spice racks can take up space, so why not just tuck your spices away neatly in a drawer? Spices should be stored in the dark anyway. Another option is to get a spice drawer you can pull in and out in-built into a cabinet unit during your kitchen design.

Drawer dividers – From utensils to large and small kitchen tools, drawer dividers are fantastic for keeping these organised. They come in a range of materials from plastic to wood which can offer a more rustic feel.

Group by the colour – One of the best ways to make space feel less clutter is by colour-coordinating. Just like you might with your closet, stack similarly coloured bowls, plates and cups that are sitting on open shelving units together. If you have matching sets of bowls plates or mugs then this is easily done. If you’ve got more of a range of colours, try grouping similar tones and hues together for more of a rainbow effect.

Magnetic knife bar – Knife blocks can be cumbersome and finicky. Why not do away with them altogether by replacing them with a magnetic strip? These are brilliant as you can mount them above a countertop or backsplash so they’ll be within easy reach.

Table setting station – Want to make setting the table much simpler? Put together a station that houses cutlery, crockery and napkins all in one place. This could be a cabinet by your kitchen table or trolley you can easily move around the space. If setting the table is a family affair, then a setting station can make this activity more convenient and enjoyable both for older and younger members.

Hollow kitchen island – Kitchen islands that have a smooth front but have open shelving at the back are brilliant because they create additional storage space in a big (but discreet) way. Hollowed out spaces within these are perfect for stashing away cookbooks and even heavier crockery.

Store baskets in or on top of cabinets – These can help you better utilise space in otherwise cluttered cabinets or on top shelves where things are difficult to grasp. Baskets can also offer a more rustic, homely feel, particularly in a country-style or farmhouse kitchen. Alternatively, you could use crates or sleek plastic containers that are lightweight and easy to move.

Use the sides of cabinets – The sides of cabinets are great for hanging additional pieces that may otherwise be difficult to store such as cutting boards. Having these out in the open also makes them easy to reach and access during your cooking time (rather than having to rummage through a drawer for them).

Swap benches for chairs – This is particularly nifty if you’ve got a breakfast nook or simply a long wooden table. Benches that are hollow offer extra storage space over plain old kitchen table chairs. This is a great idea for storing cookbooks, old magazines even essentials like a laptop. You could even stock this space with additional seat covers and blankets for chilly evenings.

Use inside of cabinet doors – For smaller items use the inside or a cabinet door. You could even use this space to affix a blackboard for making additional notes like shopping lists, reminders, todos and jotting down mobile phone or telephone numbers.

Vintage free-standing units – Remember that old cabinet you passed by at the local thrift shop? You may want to double-back and pick it up as it can be used as an additional storage unit. Polish it up by painting it or leave it distressed for a vintage ‘chic’ look. If the cabinet front is made of see-through glass, you can really take advantage of this space to display your most prized kitchen items.

Kitchen trolley – A trolley is a highly versatile piece to have in a kitchen. Use the surface as additional food prep space and the underneath part for more storage. You can even use it as a table setting station (as discussed in a previous point) where you can store all the tableware your family needs for dinners and Sunday roasts when everyone is together.

Use window sills to create a window garden – Though more of a decorative effort (rather than a storage-related one) this is a clever way of using up unused items that would otherwise just be lying around or recycled. Extra jars, hanging baskets and vases can all be rounded up and upcycled to cultivate a small garden right on your window sill. Do this to freshen and green-up your space, especially if you don’t have access to the outdoors

Sliding doors – Another hack for smaller spaces, sliding doors are great for kitchens that feel a little too snug for cabinet doors to be opening and closing all the time. These can be used in freestanding units or even built into cabinet units.

Smart corner shelving units – Corner shelves are great for storing cookbooks and recipe books or binders. They’re a clever way of using awkward space between or along the edge of units that would otherwise go unused. You can create these to run from floor to ceiling against a particular wall or just along the edge of a particular cabinet unit.

Get organised with rubbish and recycling

You’re more likely to do your part for the environment if it’s easy to do. Setting up appropriately sized bins for paper, plastic, rubbish and compost will save you time trying to get things separated and sorted. You can store these under your kitchen sink or within one cupboard altogether.

So there you have it – 25 ideas for creating additional storage space, both small and large, in your kitchen.

Whether you use only a few of these tips to spruce up your space or opt for a complete renovation or upgrade, remember that your kitchen has the potential to be the true heart of your home. The more you can do to maintain a clean, uncluttered environment, the more time you’ll want to spend in this space – cooking, eating, relaxing and socialising with friends and family.

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