Barbury Kitchens vs The Hedgehog Kitchen Company

Barbury Kitchens vs The Hedgehog Kitchen Company

Where should I buy a bespoke kitchen in Swindon? 


Here’s the thing. We know that choosing the right kitchen for your home is a massive decision. Not only is the kitchen the hub of the house, and its design instrumental in your enjoyment of this shared space, it’s also a sizable expense.

Part of the decision comes down to finding the best design to make the most of the room you have. Then there’s the choice around which company to use. Who will give you the most value for money? How will they approach the job, and what can you expect along the way? With such disruption during the process, it’s important to feel confident about your selection.  

Barbury Kitchens or The Hedgehog Kitchen Company 


If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been looking at our kitchens. You may well have also been reading up on The Hedgehog Kitchen Company. Instead of going for national powerhouses like Wren, both Barbury Kitchens and The Hedgehog Kitchen Company offer handmade kitchens, and a more boutique, individual service. So, which one is right for you?

Let’s just start by saying that we’ve spent years perfecting our handmade kitchens. We’ve also crafted our customer service and delved into the best way to handle the process from beginning to end. So how does this experience stack up when comparing Barbury vs The Hedgehog Kitchen Company? 

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Still asking: should I choose Barbury Kitchens over The Hedgehog Kitchen Company?  Here’s a full rundown of points one to five from the comparison table. 

  1. We’re experts at handmade kitchens


Often, our customers start off with a simple question. If you’re starting off, wondering “where should I buy a bespoke kitchen in Swindon”, you’re at the right place. Our team of expert joiners and cabinet makers have spent their entire careers making handmade kitchens. 

For you, that means we don’t just create beautiful kitchens. We also know how to run the project from start to finish. We’ve completed hundreds of jobs, each one completely unique. Everything we do revolves around you, giving you sleek craftsmanship without sacrificing on practical designs. And when it comes to detail, we leave all others in the shade. From hand-painted finishes to nobs and soft close cabinets, every single flourish is agonised over at Barbury HQ. 

  1. Our design consultation is free 


Not many other companies provide both bespoke kitchen designs and free consultations. The truth is, the design consultation phase is a time consuming one. This is where we discover all about you. Without that knowledge, we wouldn’t be able to create the kitchen you want and need. 

Our experts will take you through the process, asking you the right questions to reveal the most important details. Then we can take those answers away with us and get started. And let’s say it again: our design consultation is free! That’s your way of exploring what we can do without fronting cash the minute you step through the doors. 

  1. Our doors are open


Speaking of doors, ours are open to you. Unlike The Hedgehog Kitchen Company and many others like them, we give customers the chance to explore our showroom. known as “The Workshop”. From its name you can see that it’s no ordinary showroom, this is a place where you can step in the designer’s world and see your kitchen as it’s being made, in a genuine workshop environment. 

The Workshop on Salthrop Farm is kitted out with all the latest equipment and tech and manned by expert joiners and cabinet makers. If you’re looking for this open access to the workshop, Barbury is unique in offering it.  

  1. You’re involved in the process


Being a fly on the wall in The Workshop is one thing. Actively taking part in the creative process in another. The whole reason behind offering this unique access is to get you involved in the design process.

By being present in The Workshop, you’ll have the chance to change the final product before we fit it. That way, you can influence the final changes, and get a truly bespoke experience. In contrast, The Hedgehog Kitchen Company doesn’t have a physical showroom or open workshop. So, you’ll be getting a bespoke kitchen to brief, but you won’t be able to see your kitchen before it becomes part of your home.    

  1. Our experience is in bespoke kitchens


Combined, our team has over 250 years’ experience in making kitchens. Barbury has been designing and fitting bespoke kitchens for almost 25 years. That’s a lot of time spent perfecting the bespoke kitchen process. And for us, bespoke means made to measure, details to match your tastes, and a design that will enhance your lifestyle. To give you some inspiration, we also have a range of fitted kitchens to help you find your style, like The Barbury, and The Marlborough. All with clear rationales for each to help inform your choices.    

If you wanted to compare, The Hedgehog Kitchen Company also makes bespoke kitchens. But in contrast, they don’t have a showroom with their styles clearly mapped out with uses and design points. 

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Barbury Kitchen Reviews

First and foremost, check out our reviews! They’ll give you an insight into our happy customers. But the best way to fully explore your options is to see what we mean when we talk about handmade kitchens, a bespoke service, and clear design options. 

To start, download our brochure and get inspired by our popular styles. Or, even better, book your free concept consultation to see where your imagination and our skill could take you.