The Ultimate New Kitchen Design Checklist

How To Cover All Your Basis When Creating Designing Your New Kitchen

There is no single answer for the best way to start your new kitchen design, these questions should help you start thinking creatively about your current kitchen and how you’d like to use the space when the new one is installed.

Be realistic with your answers and take the time to ask anyone else who uses your kitchen on a regular basis, the answers will set the foundations for many of the decisions you will need to make throughout your design process. Then get in touch with a professional to talk about what you want from your kitchen and they will be able to form a design to suit your tastes and budgets:

• What is the primary use of your kitchen?
• What major change would you make to the space in your kitchen?
Would you change the shape, make it larger, smaller or change the dynamics – the traffic flow?
• What percentage of each day do you and/or your family spend in the kitchen?
• How often do you cook?
How often would you like to cook?
• How many people will be cooking and/or working in the kitchen at the same time?
• How often do you entertain in your kitchen?
How often would you like to entertain?
• How many people would you typically entertain at one time?
• What is the most elaborate meal you like to cook?
• What is the worst thing about your current kitchen?
• What 2 changes would you make to each of the following:

– Flooring? – Worktop space?
– Lighting? – Storage?
– Appliances? – Traffic flow?

• How hard are you and your family on your kitchen? How much will it be used in a typical day?
• What would you like to show off in your new kitchen?
• What would you like to hide?
For example, food prep areas if you entertain frequently.
• How much money do you want to spend on your new kitchen?
• If you had to pick a single luxury item for your new kitchen, what would it be?

The ability to customise your kitchen is important if you want to make the most of the space and make sure you have everything you need to enjoy it over the years. Make sure you have the option to put bespoke elements into your design if you decide to go with a mainstream supplier.

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