What Colour Kitchen Paint Should I Choose?

What Kind Of Paint Should You Use For Your Kitchen?

Paint sheen levels – dead matt to full gloss

Most paint suppliers offer their paints in various sheen levels, from dead matt, a flat finish through to high gloss. The flatter or more matt the finish, the harder to clean than a glossier finish. Your kitchen walls will be marked and splashed as you use your kitchen, the finish on your walls has to stand up to continued wiping and cleaning.

Most of our clients choose a satin wall finish.

This is a mid-sheen between a flat finish and full gloss offering a good cleanable surface. If your walls have not been re-plastered, this finish helps cover any imperfection in your walls.

A semi- gloss finish
This finish offers a higher gloss level than Satin, reflecting more light without being too shiny. The higher gloss level results in a very durable and wipeable finish.

One thing to think about, if your walls haven’t been re-plastered, the higher the gloss level you choose, the more likely that any crack, or fault in your walls will be visible.


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