How To Ensure Your Handpainted Shaker Kitchen Stays Stylish

Maintaining Your Handpainted Shaker

Choosing the right kitchen can be difficult, it’s a place where you, your family and your guests will spend a lot of your time, so making sure you have both a functional and aesthetically pleasing design are naturally, very important.

Whilst some of us will sit firmly in either the Modern or Traditional ends of the scale, most people will find they like elements from both types of design, which is why the Shaker kitchen has been, and still is a firm favourite.

Shaker kitchen designs and sales have been on the rise since 2016 & remain a clear favourite among clients, on trend and increasing in popularity, the perfect balance of charm and sophistication and plenty of room for your own personal touch is what you’ll get with a Shaker style kitchen.
The great thing about the Shaker is that while it’s durable and practical, it’s also extremely versatile. There are so many ways for you to create your perfect design, whether it’s wooden tops to compliment your units or getting right down in to the detail with different handle styles that will give your kitchen a completely different look; the choices are almost endless.

If you’d like a modern touch, think about chrome kitchen accessories or high-gloss units. If you’d like to go for a more traditional appeal then think about glass fronts for featured units and a classic Oak or Walnut worktop to provide a wonderful contrast between your tops and units. Shaker kitchens look good in virtually any home, so you can choose a kitchen that has your own stamp of personality with the comfort of knowing if it will never go out of fashion.

Whether it’s a particular storage design you’re after or simply the aesthetics of your new kitchen, working closely with your Designer after exploring and gathering ideas will mean you end up with a completely unique design that will last for years and years!


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