Picking The Perfect Kitchen Splashback

What Kitchen Splashbacks Should You Buy?

There was a time when Kitchen Splashbacks were simply a practicality. Nowadays there are endless options available to choose from and Splashbacks have become a way to make a style statement in the kitchen.
That said, they still need to be practical, so how can you make sure you accomplish both what you want and what’s needed?
Here are some easy to follow suggestions below that will leave you better prepared to choose the perfect splashback for your kitchen space.

Pick your worktop first
Narrow down the colour choices by picking your kitchen worktop first. There are generally fewer options for worktops and this will help you to narrow down the colour and material choices.

Choose the right material
The most common materials for kitchen splashbacks include glass and stainless steel in contemporary and modern designs, but think about cleaning when you’re choosing your material. Glass is reflective, matches almost any colour and is easy to keep clean – but might not be so practical for a family of all ages. Mosaic tiles look stunning, but they are more difficult to clean than larger tiles because of more joins and more grout to clean.

Selecting the right colour
After choosing your worktop first, your choices will already be whittled down by colour and depending on the material you’ve chosen. Then, the decision comes down to whether you want to be consistent or contrasted in terms of the overall style of the kitchen.
Will you have a feature splashback or keep in line with the overall design?
Add an interesting twist and feature contrasting colours or use similar tones to tie the look together.

Think about the possibility of a mirror splashback in your kitchen, it creates the illusion of extra space as it bounces artificial and natural light around the room and can be a great way to bring colour into the kitchen, especially if it’s reflecting a window.

The feature splashback
If a bold colour or an eye catching material has already caught your eye then you may already have your heart set on a feature splashback. If that’s the case then the rest of the kitchen can be designed around this!

The splashback will be one of the last components to be installed in your kitchen, although it can be difficult to visualise, it means you’ll be able to see how it will all tie together and make any last minute changes if you want to.

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