How To Keep Your Open Kitchen Presentable

Clever Ideas for Kitchen Storage

Open storage kitchens mean you can get creative and end up with an informal and easy going feel – but it’s worth considering a few points first to make sure you’ve got all bases covered before you take a bold step with your next new kitchen.

Are you neat and tidy?
To make the decision to go for an open storage kitchen you need to be brutally honest with yourself. Do you find it easy to keep your house spick and span or do you find that you have a tendency to dump your keys (among other things) on any clear surface?
If keeping things neat and tidy isn’t one of your natural habits, then an open storage kitchen may not be for you. Open storage also means you need to be ready for more dusting, particularly if you want to display some of your less frequently used items, it’s worth remembering that you’ll need to wipe them down regularly.
On the other hand, if you have a natural tendency to be organised and neat then this style of kitchen could be perfect for you!

Use height to your advantage
High storage space is usually on display in kitchens like these, but could be something to avoid if you need to frequently get a chair or step ladder to reach high cupboards in your current kitchen. If you have little feet in the house and height on your side, then up high is probably the best way to go to avoid prying hands and to save you from bending down all the time.
Low level shelving can be very practical and attractive too. It breaks up the look of your kitchen if you have drawers, brings great character and in a kitchen island it’s a great way to store your cookbooks.

Make Crockery Ornamental
Especially popular in traditional kitchens, putting an attractive crockery collection on display in a beautiful solid wood plate rack can add a brilliant touch of style to your new kitchen. Glass cupboards to display your neatly stacked bowls create a warm, at home feel. If you’re going for a contemporary look, think bold, statement crockery like Copper pans with a beautiful patina.

Think symmetrical when you plan to have open storage, keeping in style with the rest of your design, whether it’s shelving either side of a U-shaped kitchen or centred over the sink with units either side. Make sure you don’t isolate your open storage feature so it’s in keeping with the rest of your kitchen.

Make the Awkward Interesting
Little nooks in your kitchen like the space above your fridge or the usually unused alcoves are great places to take advantage of for extra storage space. You could have wine racks above the fridge, and small racks to display your crockery in what would normally be baron space in your kitchen. If your kitchen is bespoke, a good designer can make sure these spaces are accounted for during the design process, giving you a kitchen with great character.

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