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The Malmesbury Kitchen Looks Great In A Modern and Traditional Setting

Creative  |  Distinct  |  Proud

In either a contemporary setting or traditional environment, the Malmesbury is deliberately versatile because of its unique door profile. 

Inclusion of elegant, functional accessories ensure that surfaces are free from clutter yet the in-frame design carries a cutting edge look that is proud and on-trend.

A bespoke larder, that will be lovingly designed and carefully engineered not only for practicality, but for sheer joy of a beautifully hidden addition to your Barbury Kitchen.


Crafting trays and wine racks from beautiful pieces of timber are a clever way of personalising your kitchen.

Highly flexible accessories included within this design

have been carefully selected to reflect the need for

hidden practicality within the family home.

Such features can be designed into any

Barbury Kitchen, irrespective of the range selection.