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The Marlborough Kitchen Is Timeless & Will Stand The Test Of Time

Beautiful  |  Traditional  |  Opulent

Opulent beauty meets elegant practicality.

Opulent beauty meets elegant practicality.The compelling design of the Marlborough Kitchen creates an atmosphere of opulence for those looking to inspire and be inspired.

The openly ornate door profile which features in this collection is what gives the traditional Marlborough Kitchen its elegant and distinguished nature. Raised moulded beading has been cleverly designed to accentuate the traditional in-frame theme. While these features offer exquisite lines and character to any kitchen they are well-balanced by a full set of practical features to support every day living.

The Marlborough collection is particularly well-suited to large, open-plan space characterised by high ceilings and period features. Though, it can be just as stunning in a contemporary home as a traditional one. Opt for a classic white for cabinet fronts, panels and drawers or a darker neutral tone for an ambience that is both stately and refreshing. Appliances can be fitted in seamlessly and the entire concept brought together with a central, marble-top island statement piece. Marble countertops, glass cabinet knobs and glass-fronted cabinets assist in bringing balance and openness to the space.

Hidden features such as pull out trays and spice racks along with appliances and shelving underpin the graceful design notes of the Marlborough. Accessories and features included in the collection are many and can be customised to suit any lifestyle.

In designing your kitchen, our dedicated team will take hundreds of measurements so we can create a kitchen bespoke to meet your needs. We’ll enhance the unique character of your home and the details you most cherish while optimising the space available.

Backed by our 25-year guarantee, our kitchens are completely handmade and built for longevity and livability. We are dedicated to transforming space into an inspiring and refreshing experience. 

Get in touch with our dedicated design team or simply fill send us your detail to set up a free design concept consultation.