How To Make The Most Of A Bespoke Kitchen

Why You Should Have A Bespoke Kitchen

It might seem to be an unlikely choice; but the best place to start is usually in your current kitchen.

Before thinking about any measurements or styles; it’s a good idea to turn your first thoughts to the functionality of the kitchen you want. Elements as simple as where your cutlery will be stored will ensure that the space is used efficiently. The more you think about your kitchen during the beginning stages, the better the end result will be & you’ll have a space to enjoy for the next ten years too!

Any parts of the design that don’t work now can make up the first part of your ‘must-have’ list, it could be as simple as having somewhere to unpack the shopping that’s close to where you’re going to pack it away.

Once you’ve thought about what you want, storing ideas and inspiration will help you to narrow down the options. Places like Pinterest are also great for saving ideas and inspiration to show your designer when you meet.

The size of the room and the budget are of course major factors that need to be taken into consideration, but with examples of what you’re after and a good brief the designer will form a really strong feel for what you want from your kitchen and will be able to tell you if it fits within your budget, as well as suggesting other options if it doesn’t.

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