5 Things To Be Aware Of When Building Your Kitchen

Things To Know When Building Your Kitchen

The average homeowner replaces their kitchen every ten years, so it’s no wonder you’re likely to have a solid idea in mind of how you want your kitchen to look when that ten year anniversary comes round. But where do you buy it from? And what do you need to look out for?

1) Speak to a professional, not a representative
‘One time only deals’ and ‘knocking down the price’ should be reserved for buying cars, not kitchens. Of course, there are people that need to earn a commission; but a push for a sale or a deposit by slashing prices can be a good indication of what the underlying motivation is. Speak to someone who will listen to your ideas and is able to make suggestions on materials and design to achieve the look you want.

2) Make your doors stand out in the right way
Picking out the colour and material for your doors is one thing, just remember the carcass. With a quality kitchen company you won’t need to worry; but you could end up spending money on excellent quality doors for them to be cheapened by a visible white carcass. The inside matters just as much as the outside.

3) Remember you don’t always see quality
Similarly, if the carcass is white, chances are the quality is low. If you’re looking for a good quality kitchen, the material you choose for you doors and drawers should be the same as their backs and sides.

4) Look for the whole package
It’s not all about design and material when you get a new kitchen, it’s also about plumbing and electrics. If you’re buying your new kitchen from a company that doesn’t organise this for you, it’s easy for things to come to a stand still and nobody wants to be left without an oven for long. An in house team of plumbers and electricians will mean two less things to plan for.

5) Integrated appliances are the way forward
Although free standing appliances are 30-50% cheaper; integrated appliances are a must have to achieve that extra special look. Its well worth the investment when you consider the extra space and storage that creates along with the look you’ll achieve…you can make an exception for AGA & other featured appliances that add to the style of a kitchen design.

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